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Sick Visits Specialist

Ifeyinwa P. Onwudiwe, MD -  - Pediatrician

La Providence Pediatrics & Family Clinics

Ifeyinwa P. Onwudiwe, MD

Pediatrician & Family Medicine Physician located in Houston, TX

Your kids can still get sick from time to time, despite your best efforts to keep the germs away. When they do fall ill, board-certified pediatrician Ifeyinwa Onwudiwe, MD, and her team are available when you need them for same-day sick visits at La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics in Houston, Texas. They evaluate and treat your child as quickly as possible. Schedule your child’s next sick visit at one of the practice’s two locations by phone or online today.

Sick Visits Q & A

What are sick visits?

Sick visits include medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of children who are ill. The team at La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics treats children of all ages in a warm, welcoming atmosphere and offers telemedicine appointments if you’d rather get a consultation from home.

When should I schedule sick visits?

You can schedule same-day sick visits with La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics staff if your child feels ill and you suspect:

  • A severe cold or flu
  • Severe asthma or allergies
  • Strep throat
  • A urinary infection
  • Other infections
  • Chronic aches or pains
  • An injury
  • Diabetes 
  • Another chronic disease

Book a sick visit if your child experiences problematic new or unusual symptoms that diminish their quality of life or can lead to serious complications.

What happens during sick visits?

During sick visits at La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics, friendly staff members greet your child. They check your child’s temperature, blood pressure, weight, pulse, and other vital signs and review their medical history. Pediatric specialists ask questions about your child’s symptoms and complete a comprehensive physical examination.

During the exam, your child’s provider evaluates their ears, eyes, throat, breathing, heartbeat, swallowing, abdomen, limbs, reflexes, and more to detect or rule out medical problems and develop a treatment plan.

If you schedule a telemedicine appointment for your child, their provider evaluates them virtually via a phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic device.

How does the provider diagnose my child’s condition?

In some cases, La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics specialists can diagnose medical problems after examining your child and reviewing their symptoms. Other times, however, your child might need blood tests, urine tests, asthma or allergy tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging tests to help make a final diagnosis. 

What are my child’s sick visit treatment options?

Not all sick visits result in treatment for your child. Their provider might recommend one of the following approaches based on their health history, symptoms, and diagnosis. The team at La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics might suggest:

  • Watchful waiting
  • Rest and increased fluids
  • Dietary changes
  • Dietary supplements
  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • A brace or cast
  • Allergy or asthma treatments
  • Further diagnostic testing
  • Specialist referrals

Your child’s provider might recommend they receive a flu vaccine or other immunizations to reduce the risk of contracting an illness or disease in the future. They can refer out to specialists in the area if your child has a complex medical problem.

The next time your child feels ill, gets injured, or experiences symptoms of a chronic disease, you can trust the highly trained La Providence Pediatrics and Family Clinics team with their care. Schedule a sick visit over the phone or online today.